1) Winning ugly
The Warriors played like garbage, particularly on offense, for long stretches of this game. Turnovers, bad shots, discombobulation. But by halftime, they were up by 13. That’s the kind of team we have nowadays, my friends. Let’s not take any of it for granted.

2) Draymond’s 3-point stroke
Draymond Green is a decent 3-point shooter, but he can obviously go ice cold to the point where he seems scared to shoot it. But watching him nail a couple against the Heat last night was surprisingly satisfying. In fact, the walk-up three on the slowed down fastbreak, might be the most satisfying 3-pointer I’ve seen all season, especially since he never does that. His 3’s are pretty much always off a pass.

There’s something quite ugly about Draymond’s shooting motion, which makes it a little bit more intriguing when he tosses one up. With Steph, Klay and KD, we pretty much expect the ball to go in. Steph and Klay’s shots are uniquely aesthetically pleasing. KD has a smooth-looking jumper. But Draymond literally hunches over and chucks the ball from a low release point. Because of his motion, his shot tends to be a bit flat, which decreases the odds of it going in because of the smaller angle and narrower window it has to get into the hoop. Any threes he hits are icing on the cake and guaranteed momentum boosters.

3) The Warriors can literally rotate resting their vets all season
David West sat out due to rest last night and the Warriors won. Shaun Livingston sat out due to rest before that and they won. If the Warriors wanted to, because of their unbelievable depth, they can literally sit their older veterans on a rotating basis without ever missing a beat. DWest, Shaun, and Andre Iguodala could all conceivably play far fewer minutes during the regular season and stay fresh for the playoffs. West’s minutes could be taken by Jordan Bell, Kevon Looney and Javele McGee. Shaun and Andre’s by Patrick McCaw, Nick Young and Omri Casspi. Obviously Andre’s more important to the Warriors’ success than the other two, and they wouldn’t actually rest these guys every few games, but there are options if circumstances throughout the season dictate.