That looked pretty familiar to anyone who watched this team this year. Low energy leading to an early deficit, inexplicable plays on offense and defense, a mid-game run to try and get back in it and when that doesn’t work time to pack it in and lose comfortably.

It also looked familiar to anyone who’s watched this team in game 3’s in the Kerr era. They’re now 7-7 in game 3’s under Kerr with 5 of the losses coming by double digits.

Kerr picked an odd time to use one of his explainable-only-to-him lineup decisions. They win game 3 and the series is over. They had been having success playing small with either Draymond or Looney at center. So…let’s start Javale McGee? McGee was predictably bad and the Warriors were -10 in his 9 minutes.

This was one of KD’s worst playoff games as a Warrior. He didn’t play with force on offense or defense.

Klay, Draymond & Steph piled up missed shots & turnovers.

The bench was a non factor.

The good news is the Warriors have only lost 1 game 4 after losing a game 3 in the Kerr era. And 5 of the wins have come by double digits.

Hopefully we’ll see that team tomorrow and not the team that’s becoming a little too familiar this season.