Steve Kerr started the game with his best lineup on the floor and his team played their best game of the postseason. Hard to believe this was the first game Steph, Klay, Iguodala, KD & Draymond have ever started together. I don’t like to complain after blowout playoff wins so I won’t. But it was nice not to see Nick Young or JaVale McGee in the starting lineup.

They might have played like this no matter the lineup, like they usually do with their backs against the wall, but it’s nice not to take any chances. ‘Just play your best players’ seems like a pretty sound coaching strategy.

I understand not wanting to play Draymond too many minutes at the 5. But it’s game 4 of round 2 of the playoffs. At most you have 17 games left in the season. Isn’t this why they have 6 centers on the team, so they can soak up regular season minutes and Draymond can play center when it’s nut-cutting time? (‘nut- cutting time’ tm Don Nelson.)

KD might have played his best game since the Finals last year. He was aggressive from the jump. He got to all his midrange spots. I think every member of the Pelicans received a bucket in their face. The 3 still isn’t falling for him but that should hopefully come by the next round. (The fact his career postseason 3 point % is lower than Draymond’s is a little troubling, but again, I’m not going to complain.)

Steph looked ok. He doesn’t look explosive off the dribble but that’s probably to be expected in the 3rd full game he’s played in the past 2 months. The 3 will definitely start falling for him by the next round. He does look a little like he did 2 years ago coming off the injury, which isn’t ideal, but that team needed him to be great to win and this team, with Kevin Durant, just needs him to be very good.

Classic Draymond game. About as dominant as you can play while shooting 3-9 for 8 points. A fully engaged Draymond Green isn’t fun to be guarded by, even if you are Anthony Davis.

The Warriors showed today how good they can be when everything is aligned. I thought Steph’s return was the start of their official title defense but it was today. This was the ceiling another team is going to have to reach to beat them. That shit is pretty high, too.