1) The Celtics have players who can compete with the Warriors
I missed quite a few games, as I’ve been traveling for work. However, I happened to be in Boston for this game. I’m glad I didn’t get tickets because that would’ve been an aggravating experience to say the least. The Warriors really should have won this game after blowing two big leads of 17 and 15 points. They looked a step slow and also really, really off. Brad Stevens is an excellent coach who had some interesting defensive schemes. The Celtics are pretty much the Warriors-lite of the Eastern Conference.

This game was lost on some bad fouls, both the Warriors fault and a couple iffy whistles from the refs. This allowed the Celtics to live at the foul line in the second half. On top of that, Steph, Klay and KD all stunk it up shooting, while Boston came out hyped up for this matchup. The Celtics didn’t shoot all that well either, but their free throws kept them close and ultimately put them over the top.

Boston has a good combination of coaching, experience and skilled youth. While as a basketball fan, I’m bummed that we can’t see what this team looks like with Gordon Hayward, it’s pretty clear that we wouldn’t be seeing the Jaylen Brown we’re seeing if he weren’t getting this much playing time.

Brown along with Irving, Smart, Morris, Tatum and Horford present an interesting matchup for the Warriors. They’re tough, smart and athletic. They pass and cut well, just like the Warriors.

In the long-run though, the Warriors will be fine. They know this was a bad game all around for them. They’ll adjust for this new-look team when they visit Oakland. I just wish they’d put the hammer on the Celtics because it is important to choke out any hope in your opponent. Now Boston and their fans believe they CAN beat the Warriors… because they DID beat the Warriors.

That may prove to be the biggest problem for the Warriors down the road.