1) The Clippers cure all!
Nothing fixes the Warriors more than the Los Angeles Clippers. It remains to be seen if this whoopin’ the Warriors put on the Clips can snap them out of their early season haze, but when you line up “Cool Story” Glenn Rivers, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan with the rest of the Clippers crew, the history awakens their animosity. Even though Chris Paul isn’t around any more, Patrick Beverly and Stephen Curry have enough past encounters to get the Baby Faced Assassin’s attention.

This game felt familiar. It felt like coming home again. These Warriors looked like the team we know — focused, solid all-around, entertaining as hell. At least we have reassurance they can get to this point again, but the real question is can they stay there?

2) Greatest garbage time lineup of all-time
With about three or four minutes left in the fourth quarter, Kerr subbed Javale McGee in for David West officially launching the Warriors’ garbage time lineup of McGee, Patrick McCaw, Nick Young, Omri Casspi and Jordan Bell in what might be the best empty-the-bench garbage lineup in NBA history. I have no stats or any other empirical evidence to back this up, but because the Warriors have such great depth and also using the eye test, this lineup has 2-3 legit NBA starters and a couple talented young subs. None of these guys are James Michael McAdoo level or even early Kent Bazemore level.

Pretty amazing.