1) The new Steph’s gonna Steph
I didn’t see the whole game. I caught snippets then caught the end online. Lame outcome to say the least, but I think it’s fair to say Stephen Curry is sick and tired of the questionable foul calls against him this season and the questionable calls no-calls on drives over the past few years. Players need to adjust to the refs as the game goes on, but it’s difficult if you feel like they’re not calling it both ways.

Steph is a 2-time MVP (one unanimous) and a 2-time champion. Along with Lebron James, he’s one of the two faces of the league to the casual fan in the US and internationally. We all know NBA touch fouls can be somewhat arbitrary, but for some reason Steph doesn’t seem to get those calls. 

James Harden has a free pass to the free throw line because of his ugly game and shameless antics. He just rips through the defenders arms and throws his head back like he got whiplash, and boom he’s at the stripe. NBA refs can’t be this obtuse. 

I’ve debated with people in person and online why Curry doesn’t get calls. Someone once said it’s because he tries to avoid contact while people like Harden, Lebron and Russell Westbrook try to create it. All of Curry’s moves and reverses are designed to wiggle through the bodies in his way. He also doesn’t try to sell the contact as much. He doesn’t flail or pretend like he got hit by a sniper’s bullet.

As an experiment, I’d love to see Steph play a game or even a string of games where he acts like he’s been kung fu kicked every time he goes up for a shot. If he started doing Harden impressions just to prove a point, he’d be the greatest NBA troll of all time.