1) Swaggy P or P-Nice?
Kerr said in his postgame comments that neither Nick Young nor Patrick McCaw has won the backup two-guard spot. It’s interesting because Young essentially replaced Ian Clark, who was more of a scoring point guard in terms of size and appearance. (Yes, I know he can’t dribble that well for a lead guard.) I’m hoping that McCaw can step up and really grab the role from Young. At this point, Young is just the better shooter. McCaw is the better defender, better passer, and is in better shape. Hopefully when he gets his opportunity, he’ll shine. Would be a shame if he deferred as much as he did his rookie year all over again.

2) It’s good to be the king
When the team is flat, it’s a luxury to have three guys in Steph, Klay and KD who can light it up at any given moment. We saw it all last year, but it’s definitely a sight to behold. The Pelicans were up and confident with the crowd behind them for the first stretch of the game. Long-time Warriors fans know what it’s like to feel like you’re competing against a superior team just to have them turn it on and start executing, then boom: up by 10 turns into down by 15 in a flash. For years (maybe decades), the Lakers and Spurs would pull the rug out from under overmatched Warriors teams. It feels good to be on the other side.

3) Where in the world is Winston Garland?
Those old school uniforms brought a lot of memories back. Kevin Durant reminded me of the lean, smooth-shooting Purvis Short. It was Chris Mullin’s first NBA uniform. (It was also Chris Washburn’s first.) Sleepy Floyd dropped 51 on Magic’s Lakers in the 1987 playoffs in that uniform. They’re surprising bland from a distance, but up close they look pretty slick. The Warriors have some of the best uniforms in their history, a seemingly neverending list of options for annual throwbacks or hybrids.

4) Klay Day
Props to Klay Thompson for donating $1000 for every point he drops in the next three games to the relief efforts and victims of the NorCal fire. Glad to see him as the team’s leading-scorer. Also, glad to see him block a shot, dunk it at the other end and raise the roof. I hope that’s an inside joke, otherwise that’s just totally a Klay thing to do. Maybe it just got popular in China and he’s bringing it back. Regardless, it’s just another reminder that we shouldn’t take this team and its stars for granted.

5) Pick your referee poison: Dray or Boogie?
I don’t know whom the refs hate more: Draymond Green or Boogie Cousins. They both have different styles it seems like. I’m not privy to any of what they say on the court, but from the sound bites that I’ve heard broadcast throughout the years seem like Draymond admonishes refs and challenges them whereas Boogie just throws tantrums of disbelief. I could be totally wrong, but if I were a ref, it’d probably be Draymond. I could ignore someone having a hissy fit more than someone who was questioning my competence.

That’s why we love Draymond though. He’s physically, mentally, verbally and emotionally punishing. How many of those types of players have the Warriors had over the last 35 years?

6) Is the Jeremy Lin era over?
This is unrelated to tonight’s game, but get well soon, Jeremy Lin. He probably won’t be the same player he was after this injury, especially as he pushes 30. He was decently explosive before his first bad knee injury several years ago, and this and advanced age will probably rob him of whatever he had left. I hope not. His presence in the league has always been pretty fun.