1) The Other Side
Twenty years ago the Jordan Bulls were running roughshod through the league. They’d play the Warriors with very little interest and give the Bay Area bottom-feeders some hope, then turn it on just enough so the opponent would fold. Now the tables are turned – almost exactly as a matter of fact. I watched the Chicago Bulls feed of last night’s game, and when Klay Thompson bombed a deep three in the first half from a few feet behind the line they acted as if it was the most amazing thing they’d ever seen. I guess for us that’s commonplace. Weird.

2) Jordan Bell needs to play
Bell needs to play not just because he’s starting to deserve minutes, but also because he’s the most exciting thing on the Warriors right now. Obviously, there are four otherworldly All-Stars and potential HOFers on the squad, but they all seem a little bored. Bell is the new shiny new toy for the team and the fans. He’s an athletic, energetic unknown so every time he’s on the court, you’re just watching to see what he’ll do this time. As I said earlier in the season, he brings joy to the Warriors inside and out. On the last road trip, they were sorely missing that.

3) The Warriors garbage time lineup is better than the Bulls starting lineup
The garbage lineup shifts bigmen from time to time with David West, Javale McGee and Kevon Looney each getting minutes. A lot of times it’s in that order. West stabilizes the game, then McGee gets a few minutes to do his thing, then Looney cleans up.

Warriors garbage lineup: McCaw, Young, Bell, Looney, McGee

Bulls starters: Dunn, Holiday, Valentine, Markkanen, Lopez

You can make arguments either way, but the fact that it’s this close is crazy if you’re a Warriors supporter, sad as hell if you’re a Bulls fan. Throw Casspi, who was starting for the injured KD, into the mix and it’s looking even worse for Chicago.

4) I predict McCaw will be getting major run in the second half of the season
Patrick McCaw looked smooth out there. Yes, it was against the worst team in the league, but his 3-point stroke looks way more consistent even if it’s not lightning quick. He just know how to play basketball and also has a lot of unknown potential. Anytime he and Bell share the court is my favorite moment of any game.