So I took a 42 game break in between blog posts — life can get in the way, but I’m back for the best parts of the season: the stretch run and the playoffs.

1) Old habits are hard to break
The Warriors have looked much sharper post-All-Star break, but those lackadaisical habits of taking opponents for granted, committing ridiculous turnovers, and losing focus on defense are still there, difficult to completely erase. I imagine a game against the Nets at home is a difficult game to get up for, so at least they were able to snap out of whatever haze they were in on the spot.

There’s nothing too alarming about this loss, but it’s good they’ve got 18 games still to work this stuff out of their system. For a while, it seemed like they were trying to singlehandedly screw with the Cavs by doing whatever they could to hurt the Nets’ pick.

2) Draymond dunk attempts
Getting blocked by Joe Harris is pretty embarrassing. It wasn’t more of a thing because once Draymond realized who blocked him, he barely reacted and rightfullyso. If Harris was a blustery type, then that moment would’ve really exploded. Jim Barnett mentions in the clip below, that Draymond should’ve dunked with his left hand, which made me wonder: have we ever seen Draymond dunk in-game with his left hand?

Draymond getting hung up on the front rim though is telling. Sure, maybe he was still suffering the effects of some otherworldly birthday celebration, but his dunks, while usually pretty powerful, always seem to just barely get over the rim. This time the rim won. I do wonder if we’ve seen the high water mark for Draymond already. I’m sure he takes care of himself, but he’s 28 now so as he approaches 30, it may be time to take that self-care up another notch to remain elite.

He’s a smaller guy for his position, and he’s taken (and dished out) plenty of poundings. Maybe I’m imagining it, but it’ll be something to keep an eye on through the playoffs.

3) I don’t worry about Andre Iguodala anymore
Yes, Iguoldala is 34, but that guy takes really good care of himself (both mind and body it seems), so it’s pretty clear he wisely coasts for the first part of the season. If the Warriors were fighting for a playoff spot, surely he’d be going closer to full-bore all season long.

But let’s be honest, he’s paid what he’s paid to be Andre Iguodala in the playoffs. Not the preseason and not really the regular season. Right now, he’s just sharpening his blade and getting his body used to turning it up.

Never forget: the dude’s the smartest guy in the room.

4) Jordan Bell
Thank goodness his ankle sprain is mild and that it was his previously injured left ankle. It’s an understatement to say that the Warriors are really going to need him against younger more athletic small-ball centers (I’m looking at you Clint Capela).

He might want to invest in some high-tops and/or Steph Curry ankle braces. It’s not like Bell’s a fragile player, but once you sprain an ankle it’s more susceptible to future sprains.

Flying high is his game, so you want to make sure he has full confidence in his movements without hesitation or fear of reinjury. You want him free to do stuff like this: