Some observations on the Warriors convincing win over the Lakers in LA:

1) That ended quickly

Even with a 10 point lead going into the half, with the way Steph Curry was shooting and with the Warriors recent history of stinkers in Los Angeles against the Lakers over the past few years, I had the sense that at anytime the Lakers youthful energy could be problematic.

Thankfully Klay Thompson drilled his first 10 three-pointers to set a couple NBA records (most 3s in a row in a game and most 3s in a row to start a game) and the Warriors grew their lead to 36. Klay actually hit his first 11 3s, but one of them was called off when Draymond got fouled by Josh Hart screening for Klay.

Klay drilled a three on the next play.

I’m going from memory, but it always seems that Klay has a medicore to bad game whenever he plays in Los Angeles against the Lakers. Against the Clippers, he’s usually. But not against the Lakers.

Maybe he’s just not partying as hard.

If you missed it, here’s his night:

2) Wet floors and Steph don’t mix

Thank goodness Steph didn’t twist an ankle or sprain an MCL when he slipped in the third quarter on this play:

Looked like he was about to plant for a two-footed dunk when the moisture on the ground just reached up and grabbed him. The airball afterwards made it more embarrassing, but as long as he was able to walk away from it, I’m happy. The whole play looked ridiculous but that was dangerous as hell.

3) Jordan Bell meet Patrick McCaw

Everyone on Twitter was saying Jordan Bell could turn into a Patrick McCaw situation with his being a restricted free agent. I think McCaw was a very specific scenario with maybe his father orchestrating his bewildering moves. Bell, as long as he and Coach Kerr smooth things over, which Kerr claimed happened after the game, then things should work out normally.

The heated exchange on the sideline:

Steve Kerr saying the issue was a misinterpretation that’s been all cleared up:

I really do wonder though what kinds of offers Bell will get. I’d take Kevon Looney over him in a heartbeat. Looney’s better on defense, more decisive, more dependable overall, and is the better shooter.

The Warriors need youth. Cheap youth. But if another team is crazy enough to pay Bell more, then by all means go right ahead.

By the way, anyone else kinda miss JaVale McGee?

4) Boogie down the baseline

It’s only been two games, but so far Boogie Cousins looks rustiest when he’s on the low-block. That’s probably where whatever loss of quickness he’s experiencing is affecting him the most.

His pivots and spin moves have been stacked up by lesser big men, and he’s looked frustrated. When he starts getting those shots off more cleanly is when I think you’ll know he’s back.

5) “Kobe, tell me how my…”

Lastly, this photo:

Reminds me of this infamous Shaq rap performance: