1) Who’s going to score off the bench?
I understand why Bob Myers and the front office didn’t go out and sign someone like Jamal Crawford — cost and wanting to go younger and keep the roster flexible.

But as my friend and fellow longtime Warriors aficionado, Aram Collier, mentioned to me, “It’d be nice to have somebody who could go off on any given night but also not play for a couple weeks too. The bench is just so defensive oriented it has me worried.”

You see, this is what we old school Dubs fans do. We worry. A lot.

I do tend to agree with him. When you look at the Warriors bench, they don’t have anyone who can just come in, get a guaranteed bucket, and light it up on any given night. Quinn Cook is so limited, Jacob Evans looks light-years behind, and Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston can only give you so much at this point.

Plus, of course, you want to save those vets for when it really counts.

Even if Patrick McCaw were to re-sign, he wouldn’t necessarily be the anitdote. After his disappointing season last year, it’s not guaranteed he’d hit anything from deep or anywhere else for that matter.

However, as we all know this was only Game 1. The Warriors are built — and are continually building — for the postseason, so the regular season is simply an extended period to “see what we’ve got.” They can give the young guys a chance to develop and prove us “Worriers” wrong.

(This huge opportunity is yet another reason why it’s so confounding that McCaw isn’t here.)

This approach is exactly what the Warriors are doing with their bigs. Damian Jones, Kevon Looney, and Jordan Bell all bring something valuable to the table, but they also bring youth and mistakes.

So while there’s time let’s see what they can do without having a Zaza, JaVale, or DWest above them in the pecking order. With the imminent return of DeMarcus Cousins looming over them, the fire under them will burn hotter because there isn’t that much time to jockey for position.

If for some reason the bench smalls don’t work out and the front office and coaching staff feel like they need more, then they’ll look at midseason trades, free agents, G-League prospects, buyouts, etc.

That’s the luxury 3-time champions can afford: patience. They’ve got it, and I’ve got it. For now.

It’s good to be the king.