1) I just don’t get mad anymore

Over the course of the season, I’ve only gotten really upset when the Warriors have lost once. It was the Boston game. That bugged me because I feel that the Dubs are in another class, and they should’ve used this opportunity to show the Celtics, their fans and the rest of the league how much better they are.

This loss to the Kings has me just shrugging my shoulders. To be honest, the most significant part of this game was seeing Patrick McCaw get run as the starting point guard for the injured Stephen Curry. As I’ve noted before, McCaw’s playing time and, likely, confidence have fluctuated in his sophomore season, so it’s good to see him get major minutes and perform well.

The Warriors were sloppy in this loss, and they definitely were the better team even without Steph and KD in the lineup. But maybe this game will serve to remind them that they can’t just flip the switch without their two MVPs, that they’ll have to execute because that’s what makes them better than everyone else: their focus, effort and team play.

On to the next one.