Runtime: 61 min

Episode 111 Show Notes:
Who doesn’t like role-playing? And what fan doesn’t love a good hypothetical trade? Patrick is joined by Aram in Toronto as they do their best Bob Myers and Joe Lacob impressions to figure out which trades for big-name All-Star talent actually make sense for the Golden State Warriors. What would they give up for some of these players, if anything at all? And would YOU make any of these game-changing moves?

(00:30) The Bucks and nice-guy Giannis in Game 5 of The Finals

(11:37) Being Bob Myers and Joe Lacob:

(15:25) Trading for Paul George

(18:20) Ben Simmons

(20:26) Bradley Beal

(22:36) Pascal Siakam

(25:04) Damian Lillard

(28:15) Zach LaVine

(33:20) Detroit Pistons and the No. 1 pick (aka Cade Cunningham)

(36:59) What we think the Warriors should do in terms of trades and the draft

(52:46) Updates on our Warriors draft favorites