1) Down goes Steph
We’ve all gotten accustomed to Stephen Curry being “past” his ankle injuries, so it’s quite unnerving to have the issue come up again so frequetly and so close to the playoffs. His ankle tweak against the Spurs was — for lack of a better term — lame. To get fouled, come down fine, THEN step on Dejounte Murray’s foot sucks.

I wonder if it’s the shoes. Those Under Armor Curry 4s, while more aesthetically pleasing than recent iterations, seem pretty soft up top. I have not seen them in person, but the upper looks like a sock. Did they sacrifice support and structural strength for a more streamlined look to encourage better sales?

Regardless, other teams will really attack the Warriors PG spot. It’ll be interesting to see how the Warriors respond on a back-to-back on the road against a streaking Portland team and an en fuego Damian Lillard who LOVES playing his hometown Warriors. (Godspeed Quinn Cook.)

2) Solid effort all around
To be missing Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, David West, Jordan Bell, and Patrick McCaw and still beat a solid Spurs team that saw an opening for a victory, should be plenty encouraging. Sure, the Spurs were missing Pau Gasol on top of Kawhi Leonard, but the Spurs team and system are solid regardless.

Javale McGee and Nick Young stepped up, while Zaza Pachulia and Shaun Livingston played with more effort (with the former looking for his shot more now that he’s coming off the bench). Kevon Looney stayed active. Quinn Cook looked really small out there, but he played solid minutes and didn’t make too many mistakes. As an aside, it’s funny watching Cook pump-fake open threes in the corner and try to get past defenders. That may have worked in the G-League, but it’s a wasted move in the big leagues. No one goes for the fake because he hasn’t proven himself as an NBA 3-point shooter, and if they do, they’re definitely athletic enough to recover.

Omri Casspi had that awesome block and dunk on the break, but he was still -16 for the game, which was by far the worst plus/minus on the team.