I’m pulling for DeMarcus Cousins to make as full of a recovery as possible from his torn Achilles not just because he’s now on the Warriors but because we should all want to see NBA players at their very best. Their talents, skills and athletic gifts are what make them such wonders to watch and anytime those are diminished, we’re all missing out.

This clip of Cousins dunking is encouraging, but I’m cautiously optimistic. While I admittedly have no idea where this places him on the scale of 0-100 in terms of recovery at this stage and in relation to others who’ve suffered this type of injury, and while we also know Boogie has never been the most explosively athletic big man, the clip cuts away from his left leg push-off, so we don’t really see how high he gets or what kind of burst he has.

He kinda looks like Mully dunking in his prime:

Yes, it’s a tease — for entertainment purposes, not any kind of medical or athletic evaluation — so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, but it’s difficult not to think of the potential this season holds.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the “take as much time as you need” situation he’s in with the Warriors, gives him more time to rest and work back to getting as close as possible to where he was before.