It didn’t take long for Steph to shake off the rust from having played 25 minutes of NBA ball in the past 7 weeks. 10 seconds to be exact, when he entered the game at the 4:20 mark (not going to make a 4:20 joke b/c 4:20 jokes are corny) and came off a pin down screen by Looney and hit a 3 at the 4:10 mark. The Oracle crowd erupted (if there’s a better scene currently in any sport than Steph igniting the crowd at Oracle I’d like to see it) and just like that, the Warriors official title defense was on.

Draymond was the best player on the floor in a game with at least 3 Hall of Famers. He harassed Davis into an inefficient scoring night, put up 20/9/12 and screamed into multiple Pelicans faces so closely and so loudly they can probably still smell his breath.

Klay was 4-20 (again, not going to…) from the field. One of those nights for Klay, where it was hard to understand what he was doing and thinking on half his shot attempts.

KD started off cold and then in the 4th turned into the easy money sniper. They might not win the game without him b/c Steph seemed gassed by the 4th.

Iguodala looked like vintage Iguodala, which is good.

Nick Young looked like vintage Nick Young, which is bad.

Looney was impressive again on the boards and on defense. I still think Jordan Bell would be a better matchup against the Rockets than Looney and they should get him minutes before they play, but Looney’s been contributing this series.

This team has few flaws but 2 of them are transition defense and end-of-situation (shot clock, quarter, game, etc) execution. I don’t really understand why their transition defense is as bad at times as it is. They’re athletic and smart enough to not have the consistent breakdowns they do. It’s a small problem against the Pelicans but it might be a big problem against the Rockets. And I really really don’t understand why they sometimes struggle in simple ‘clock’ situations. The last 2 minutes of last night’s game looked like a bad high school game.

But they won and Steph back so that’s all the complaining I’ll do. On to New Orleans for game 3 and for boiled crawfish and abita.