1) RIP Erin Popovich
What a terrible thing to happen. I know Pop will never ever see this but deepest condolences to him and his family. There was definitely a palpable difference in the vibe of this game, one that you never want to see.

2) Looney making himself some money

I’m not expert on the salary cap. I just keep tabs on what the experts and number-crunchers say. I’ve been hoping that there’s a way the Warriors could keep Kevon Looney, since they can only offer I believe the $2.5 million he would’ve gotten if they kept his option.

The better he plays, though, the more likely it is that someone else signs him for more than that. He’s turned into a solid, reliable big off the bench. He plays defense, he’s disciplined, he’s got long arms and knows his role. He’s also showing the ability to hit an outside midrange shot if given the chance. With a +17 line for Game 3, the rest of the league will surely take notice.

3) Klay continues to thrive

I’ll be honest, sometimes I do think Klay is a little overrated, but he’s shown a lot in this series: consistency and the ability to be a reliable second option. I did have some concerns that he’d be able to bring it game in and game out, but so far he’s done it three games in a row.

Granted, he’s been covered by a 6’2” Patty Mills pretty often, but overall it’s still a net positive.

This bodes well for later rounds.

4) “Strength in Numbers”

Usually I roll my eyes at marketing taglines (“We Came to Play” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” are two of the worst that I can recall right now), but the “Strength in Numbers” slogan works because it’s actually pretty true.

Someone will always step up. In Game 3 it was Shaun Livingston — one of my favorite guys to root for. He took less money than he likely would’ve made on a lesser team just because of the organization he plays for, the guys he plays with, and the Bay Area which he’s taken a huge liking too.

We all know his story, but there was a good write up on him in the LA Times a couple weeks ago.

I can’t wait to see what he ends up doing after he retires, because I’ll continue to pull for him.