Well, that went about as expected. 5 pretty uninteresting games and a pretty easy series win. The Spurs were disciplined and smart and they battled but they were overmatched. I can’t remember an opposing coach saying “we’re more talented than they are” about a playoff opponent like Kerr did. He meant it as a compliment, I think, but that’s pretty cold comfort.

Klay played well without Curry, like he did against Portland in 2016. Durant was Durant. Draymond played good and bad and his team won and people questioned how good he really is, so Draymond was Draymond. Iguodala continued shooting the 3 well, which they’re going to need as they play better teams moving forward.

A younger Jenk never thought he’d see these things:

  • the Warriors make the playoffs
  • the Warriors win a game in San Antonio, let alone a playoff game
  • the Warriors win 12 out of 13 playoff series
  • the Warriors have the second-longest consecutive playoff streak

Now the Spurs can see if they can save their dynasty by convincing Kawhi (and Manu and Parker) to stay. If they can’t they probably won’t make the playoffs next year and the Warriors will be tied for the longest consecutive playoff streak in the league. God damn things change.

Bring on the Pelicans and fuck New Orleans. (Just playin. New Orleans is literally my favorite city. I want to die there.)